Here at Amazis, we believe that high-quality crop farming brings the best quality harvest.


professional machinery for harvesting technically ripe vegetables to obtain high yield at minimal harvest losses
special-purpose transport units to distribute vegetables ‘from the field’ and to recipients
warehouses: logistic and sorting ones have controlled-atmosphere cooling chambers and storage and drying chambers with drying and ventilation systems
process lines and machinery for weighing, sorting, placing, and packing root vegetables
process lines and machinery for off-loading, weighing, sorting, placing, and packing root vegetables and onions
line for grating, peeling, slicing, chopping, and packing vegetables, including into sealed containers (for catering)


we deliver fruit and vegetables to Polish and international chains, retail stores, and wholesalers
we partner with other players on the Polish market: producers and associations of agricultural producers
we partner with international associations of agricultural producers from Spain, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and other
we work with Polish and international investors on new implementations (including under capital arrangements)

We strive to obtain the best product quality and maintain full control over production safety and quality, confirmed with international certificates.


We focus on making the most of our production, technology, and storage capabilities for our production and to be able to distribute all year round fruit and vegetables produced in line with the highest quality standards.


We strive to satisfy preferences of our recipients and consumers of fruit and vegetables through innovative solutions in the domain of fruit and vegetable production, storage technology, distribution, and organisational culture in the company.


Our technical and technological infrastructure is state-of-the-art. We seek and implement innovative solutions as regards farming, technology, harvest, storage, and distribution.


We grow using EU funds and implementing investments to maintain high yield and large production volumes, and by regularly increasing our production, storage, and logistic capacities.


We ensure partner's security by providing our Polish and
international chain, retail store, and wholesale partners with access to high-quality offer of fruit and vegetables that satisfies the current demand.


We have been on the market since 2009 and gradually work our way towards the leading position in the fruit and vegetable sector both at home and abroad. We build on our own experience and technical expertise of vegetable farming experts.